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In the July 2017 issue of The Legend

You can go home again: The July 2017 issue of The Legend features Terry Weller’s 1965 Montero Red hardtop, which is his second GTO. After completing his first year of college back in the day, Terry bought himself his “dream ride,” a brand-new Tiger Gold ’65 Goat, complete with tri-power and a four speed. He enjoyed his GTO for several years before trading it in for “something more practical.” Fast-forward about 50 years, and Terry found himself scouring the internet for his second dream ride, another 1965 GTO. He wanted a turnkey car, fully restored and ready to enjoy. The beautiful example seen here is just that. Terry has made a few upgrades to bring his GTO to his standards of perfection, safety and reliability.

Also in the July issue: “Car Life Magazine 1965 GTO Road Test” with Will Bowers; “SVGTO Pontiac Show” with Bill Vantuono; “1968 GTO Shifters” with Scott Geracka; and “Kirban’s Korner” with Dennis Kirban.

All this and more—classified ads, the GTOAA Club Store, etc.—in the July 2017 issue of The Legend, the only national automotive magazine devoted exclusively to Pontiac’s Great One!