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Concours Judging Standards


[PDF Download] – 1964-1974 GTO Concours Judging Standards
[PDF Download] – 2004-2006 GTO Concours Judging Standards

The GTOAA Concours Judging Standards is published to serve as a guideline for GTO enthusiasts who enter their vehicles in Concours level shows at GTOAA National Meets and GTOAA sanctioned Regional Meets. This publication is an attempt to standardize judging procedures for the Pontiac GTO and GT-37 automobiles manufactured from 1964 – 1974. The GTOAA acknowledges that these standards may not satisfy every vehicle owner’s requirements, so we challenge you to provide the GTOAA Concours Committee with constructive feedback so that we can continually improve our judging techniques. These judging standards are intended to be a dynamic document that is updated periodically as our sophistication in evaluating these vehicles evolves.

1964 – 1974 Pontiac GTOs were built in seven different assembly plants across the United States and Canada. Not all colors and plating used were the same. Some model years even had mid-year changes to identify certain modifications that were made on the production line. Other changes included using previous model year parts stock. The judges are instructed to use their discretion when it comes to discrepancies from normally accepted practice. It is the owner’s responsibility to point out differences and provide any documentation to judges so proper points can be awarded.

Some enthusiasts may opt to restore their vehicle back to the exact way (or as near possible) it looked when it rolled off the assembly line. Others may choose to modify their vehicle from stock, customizing the vehicle to their liking. Whatever the goal, the GTOAA encourages you to follow standards of workmanship, safety, and restoration accuracy. The standards for Factory Original and Restored classes are outlined in this manual.

The bottom line for all GTO owners is enjoyment – enjoyment in driving your GTO, in showing your GTO, or in racing your GTO. Additionally, there is a certain amount of nostalgia in that enjoyment because you know that in the history of the automobile, there will never again be an era as exciting as that ushered in by the high-performance muscle of the GTO.

A special thank you goes out to committee members Jon Wacholtz, Norm Warling, Doug Pulskamp, and the late John Sawruk who contributed to the development of this document. Thank you also to all the GTOAA technical advisors and members that submitted information to assist the committee with this project.

The GTO Association of America
Concours Judging Standards Committee

Bill Markowski, Committee Chairman