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December 2019 Highlights, The Legend

The December 2019 issue of The Legend features John Stickel’s 1967 GTO hardtop. John is the car’s original owner—and in a twist of fate, its third. He bought it new in May 1967—to date, his only purchase of a new car. He sold it in 1985. In 2012, John reconnected with the second owner, but it took another six years before he was able to buy his GTO back. It needed only minor work to bring it to original condition. But did he keep it? No! He sold it to none other than Tim Dye, Curator of the Pontiac-Oakland Museum and Editor of Smoke Signals, the Pontiac-Oakland Club International (POCI) monthly magazine.

Also in the December issue: “Convention Corner” with Les Linn, “Arnie’s Latest Tragedy” with G. Tom Oxler, “Vintage GTO Road Test” with David Appleby, “Quarter-Mile With The Judge” with Frank Fregiato, “Pontiac Pickers” with Mike Wehring, and “A Visit With Saint Nick” with Dan Archiable.

All this and more—classified ads, the GTOAA Club Store, etc.—in the December 2019 issue of The Legend, the only national automotive magazine devoted exclusively to Pontiac’s Great One!