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Eric White and Preserving Automotive History

“As you may know, Eric White, who was a very avid member of your Association, was also the President of our Society prior to his passing last March. Eric created a special edition of his famous posters for the Society to sell to raise dollars for our continued existence, since we are 501 c 3 public charity that relies on donations. He worked with our staff to also create an e-Bay store where the posters could be sold. There are 15 different Pontiacs pictured of which a good half are GTOs, as well as another 10 posters of other US cars. Shortly after he finished this work, he passed away.

We would like to ask the Association to direct its members to our store – and if they desire – ask them to purchase one or more of our posters to continue Eric’s legacy and to support what we are doing. Donations are tax deductible given our 501c3 status. [Click for eBay store link]

In honoring Eric, we renamed our reference library in his name. And of course, our entire website is available to your members, some of whom are Society members as well. If any of your members are interested in only viewing our Pontiac-specific materials, they can be reached here or they can just enter to see the entire site.

Last, but no least, we want offer you access to our extensive Pontiac materials, which are free and downloadable in PDF format. While I know you have access to much of the material we have on site, I know that we have documents you do not have available to your members. If you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to e-mail me or contact me at 312-925-6028.”

Robert P. Gerometta
Vice President – Operations Director
Automotive History Preservation Society
An IRS Recognized Tax-Free Not for Profit Public Charity
“Preserving the Past for the Future”

Tel. 312.925.6028 Fax 312.873.4264