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Highlights from the January 2019 issue of The Legend

The January 2019 issue of The Legend features Denny Haldeman’s 1966 GTO hardtop, equipped with the two-speed Super Turbine 300 automatic and four-barrel carb. Denny purchased his Goat in 1989 and, a few years after his retirement in 2008, had it frame-off restored by Mike’s Custom Garage in Centerburg, Ohio. Denny added electronic ignition and a dual master cylinder, the only modifications, other than paint color: He had the car painted Fontaine Blue, the color of his first GTO, a 1966 model purchased practically new, but traded in by its original owner after only two months. The GTO, finished in 2015, is “a driver plus a good show piece.”

Also in the January issue: “New Gen GTO Concours” with Chris Winslow; “Book Review: The Complete Book of Pontiac GTO; Every Model Since 1964, by Tom Glatch” with Tom Szymczyk; “GTOAA Street Legends Route 66 Cruise” with G. Tom Oxler; and “1971 GTO Upgrades” with Jim Stukenborg.

All this and more—classified ads, the GTOAA Club Store, etc.—in the January 2019 issue of The Legend, the only national automotive magazine devoted exclusively to Pontiac’s Great One!