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Highlights, July 2020 Issue, The Legend

The July 2020 issue of The Legend features Ken Nagel’s Palomino Copper 1970 RA IV Convertible GTO, expertly restored by Level One Restoration, Arvada, Colorado. Ken’s GTO is one of only 12 non-Judge four-speed convertibles (even though the original owner orderer Judge stripes) equipped with the 370 hp RA IV engine, and possibly the only one of those 12 painted Palomino Copper. The 370 hp rating, Ken says, is actually well under the engine’s actual output—it was dyno-tested and produced 436 hp! Ken has 28 other collector cars in his collection; see them at

Also in the July issue: “Hanger 13 GTO” with Tom and Sandy Dunn; “Ram Air Foam” with Jeff Lovitch; “Fired Up in the Garage” with Gary Gibbs; “Pontiac Hall of Fame” with Mike Spizziri; and “One Brand Man” with Dana Savino. All this and more—classified ads, the GTOAA Club Store, etc.—in the July 2020 issue of The Legend, the only national automotive magazine devoted exclusively to Pontiac’s Great One!