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Highlights, The Legend, August 2018

The August 2018 issue of The Legend features Ray Wolf’s 1965 GTO hardtop, his first car, which he purchased used as a teenager in 1974, for $300! This resto-mod is loaded with high-performance parts. Years ago, when money got tight, he thought of selling his beloved Goat, but his supportive wife said not to because he would regret the decision. She was right. “I have hear many people say how they regretted selling their GTOs,” Ray relates. “I have been fortunate to have owned mine for 44 years, and to have married a woman who let me pursue my hobby and gave my good advice to never sell my first car.”

Also in the August issue: “Gearbox Chatter,” the first column by newly installed GTOAA President Vic Shreck; “Pontiac Museum Regionals” with Chris Winslow; “Saginaw Four-Speed Trans” with Steve Schaeffer; “Mecum Harrisburg” with Vic Schreck; “Street Legend Cruise” with Tom Oxler; and “Little Diecast GTOs” with Tim Sickle.

All this and more in the August 2018 issue of The Legend, the only national automotive magazine devoted exclusively to Pontiac’s Great One!