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In the March 2014 issue of The Legend

The March 2014 issue of The Legend continues a very special year for the GTOAA, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original American factory muscle car, the 1964 Pontiac GTO. On the cover of this month’s issue is Putt Willet’s Singapore Gold (Code T) post coupe, which Putt’s dad ordered new in the spring of 1964 (he added the GTO option to a LeMans with some prodding from his son). The GTO came equipped with a three-speed on the floor, console, 4 bbl. carb, “dog-dish” hubcaps (since replaced with deluxe spinner hubcaps), and redline tires. Putt, a 25-year member of the Royal GTOs chapter and his wife Nancy took the car on their honeymoon, and years later Putt’s dad gave them the car, which has since been restored. Putt, a GTOAA Concours Class judge for 14 years, and Nancy also own three other GTOs—a Montero Red 1965 four-speed hardtop with Rally I wheels, a Cameo Ivory 1966 post coupe with tri-power and Hurst wheels, and a 1968 Aegena Blue convertible.

Also in the February issue: “Convention Corner 2014” with John Owoc of the Greater Pittsburgh GTOAA Chapter; “Birth of the GTO” with famed Pontiac engineer Bill Collins, “47 Years of GTO Ownership” with Bill Nawrot, “Memories of Hurst Performance, Part 9” with Dennis Kirban; “Little GTOs” with Tim Sickle, and “Poncho Products.”

All this and more—and the new GTOAA Club Store, now operated by Custom Auto Apparel—in the March 2014 issue of The Legend, the only national automotive magazine devoted exclusively to Pontiac’s Great One! Happy 50th Anniversary, Pontiac GTO!


1964 PONTIAC GTO 049

1964 PONTIAC GTO 036

1964 PONTIAC GTO 025

1964 PONTIAC GTO 019

1964 PONTIAC GTO 012

1964 PONTIAC GTO 011

1964 PONTIAC GTO 007