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In the May 2014 issue of The Legend

Soon after they were married in the mid-1960s, Bob Rush and his wife Pat got themselves a Cameo Ivory/black interior, four-speed, tri-power 1965 GTO, which they enjoyed for many years until, as Bob puts it, “our family grew and the first gas crisis of the 1970s hit—and I foolishly traded it in for a more fuel-efficient car.” Pat, says Bob, “never let me live it down, and just before we retired she said she wanted another one.” And so the hunt for a 1965 GTO that matched their long-lost ride was under way. Unable to locate such a car that was either for sale or in their price range, in 2009 they found a Nightwatch Blue/turquoise interior/automatic/four-barrel GTO “that was in real good shape but needed some restoration.” This car was exactly what Pat wanted, so she and Bob bought the car and over the next couple of years restored it and customized it to her liking. The unique GTO you see here is Le Mans Metallic Blue (a 2006 Corvette color) with a new black interior, disc brakes all around, 15-inch chrome Rally II wheels with body-color highlights (instead of the factory gray) and redline tires, Muncie M21 four-speed with Hurst shifter, and tri-power—of course! “Sometimes Pat lets me drive it,” says Bob.

In the May issue, the GTOAA remembers Cap Proffitt, who died March 16, 2014. Cap and his wife Robin are well-known to GTOAA members around the nation as our Public Relations Coordinators, good will ambassadors, and friends to many. Long-time members of our GR-RRR8’R Wichita Pontiac Club chapter, Cap and Robin were inseparable. He is deeply missed.

Also in the May issue: “Convention Corner 2014” with John Owoc of host chapter Greater Pittsburgh GTO Club; “Outlaw Run, Beyond the Book” with Jim Weicherding; “Quarter Mile With The Judge” with Judge Frank A. Fregiato; “Memories of Hurst Performance” with Dennis Kirban; “Tiger Cubs” with Curtis Roehm; Little GTOs” with Tim Sickle; and “The 1964 GTO Whitewall Tire” with GTOAA 1964 Tech Advisor Craig Gibney.

All this and more in the May 2014 issue of The Legend, the only national automotive magazine devoted exclusively to Pontiac’s Great One! Happy 50th, Pontiac GTO!