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In the May 2015 issue of The Legend

The May 2015 issue of The Legend features Larry Speidell’s 1966 GTO post coupe, which he purchased new in December 1965 and, after years of faithful service, sold in 1973. Thirty years later, after purchasing and restoring two more GTOs (a ’66 and a ’67), Larry found his original GTO, following an exhaustive search involving The Lost Car Registry. Six years later, the owner agreed to sell the GTO to Larry, who was thrilled to bring it back home. What’s unusual about this car is that it’s not a show car—it’s Larry’s daily driver. He added a Tremec 5-speed, front disc brakes, shoulder harnesses, rear sway bar, 16 X 8 wheels, and used Porsche front seats (“for my aging back”). Larry has no plans to restore it. As he tells it, “The experience of driving it is better than the experience of showing it, and worrying about whether I have the correct date-coded carburetor. As wear and tear happens, I get to repair, restore and upgrade things along the way. I am happy to do things as needed and enjoy the driving, without worrying about parking lot dents.”

Also in the May issue: “Convention Corner 2015” with Bill Sanders, representing the Indy GTO Association, which with the Pontiacs of Southeastern Indiana is co-hosting the 2015 GTOAA Nationals in Columbus, Indiana; “Quarter-Mile With the Judge” with Frank Fregiato; “GTOAA on Facebook” with Vic Schreck; “Raiders of the Lost Archives: Forgotten Facts About Rally I Wheels” with Jeff Lovich; and “Membership FAQs” with Beth Butcher.

All this and more—and the new GTOAA Club Store, now operated by Custom Auto Apparel—in the May 2015 issue of The Legend, the only national automotive magazine devoted exclusively to Pontiac’s Great One!

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