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In the November 2015 issue of The Legend

The November 2015 issue of The Legend features Bob and Nancy Dunbar’s 1969 GTO Judge, which they have owned since the car was purchased new in March 1969. Bob and Nancy have been married 46 years, and their beloved Goat has been part of their life together ever since. “You will not find a limousine or horse-drawn carriage in our wedding pictures, but The Judge is there,” Nancy writes. “We drove it on our honeymoon through the New England states.” The GTO was the couple’s daily driver until it was stored in the mid-1970s. In 2012, Bob and Nancy—by then grandparents and retired—decided to have the GTO restored. Kimberly Restorations in Bridgeport, Vermont, performed a frame-off Concours restoration, which transformed this GTO into a multiple-trophy showpiece.

Also in the November issue: “Convention Corner 2016” with Ted Knapp from the Northwest GTO Legends; “2016 GTOAA Convention Car Show Info” and GTOAA Popular Vote Classing Chart Revisions” with Tom Szymczyk and Bob Alexander; “An Englishman and a Pontiac GTO” with John Henry Rawlins; “Kirban’s Corner” with Dennis Kirban; “Goats on the Block” with Chuck Catalano; and “New Products from Inline Tube.”

All this and more in the November 2015 issue of The Legend, the only national automotive magazine devoted exclusively to Pontiac’s Great One!