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In the October 2016 issue of The Legend

The October 2016 issue of The Legend features Jon Mannila’s stunning Pro Touring 1968 GTO, which began as a “quick flip purchase” and soon snowballed into a full-blown Pro Touring build. Jon, founder and owner of MetalWorks Classic Auto Restoration and Speed Shop in Eugene, Ore., considers this GTO his most prized classic car. It’s equipped, among other goodies, a 600-hp LS3 motor, Tremec T565 six-speed manual transmission and Currie rear end, all fitted to an Art Morrison GT sport chassis. “When the GTO build was complete, it did not get ‘flipped’ … it got put to work!” says author Chadly Johnson. “With Pro Touring builds and LS conversions being in such high demand, Jon will often take customers who are on the fence about pulling the trigger on a build or an LS conversion out for a little spin in the ’68. More times than not, a white-knuckle rip will open up a customer’s eyes to the smooth yet brutal power of LS engines, and the silky smooth corner-carving performance of an Art Morrison chassis.”

Also in this issue: “Super in Seattle” with Tom Monzo; “Surprise of a Lifetime” with Ron Schmid; “Goats on the Block” with Chuck Catalano; and “Pontiacs Down Under” with Paul Power.

All this and more in the October 2016 issue of The Legend, the only national automotive magazine devoted exclusively to Pontiac’s Great One!