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In the September issue of The Legend

The September 2016 issue of The Legend is our annual GTOAA Nationals Issue, where you’ll see every award-winning car in every Concours and Popular Vote class. Is your classic or modern-day GTO or other Pontiac among the winners? Featured on the cover is the John Sawruk Best of Show Memorial Award car, Clint Long’s 1964 GTO hardtop.

All this and more in the September issue of The Legend, the only national automotive magazine devoted exclusively to Pontiac’s Great One!

Page 06 Conv Wrap

Page 07 Conv Wrap

Page 11 Orig Owner 1

Page 12 Orig Owner 2

Page 13 Orig Owner 3

Page 14 Fact Original

Page 15 Mod Gold

Page 16 Modified Gold

Page 17 Modified Gold & Silver

Page 18 Restored Gold

Page 19 Restored Gold & Silver

Page 20 Restored Silver

Page 21 Restored Bronze

Page 22-23 Centerfold

Page 24 Pop Vote 1

Page 25 Pop Vote 2

Page 26 Pop Vote 3

Page 27 Pop Vote 4

Page 28 Pop Vote 5

Page 29 Pop Vote 6

Page 30 Pop Vote 7

Page 32 Street Legends 1

Page 33 Street Legends 2