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[PDF Download] – Popular Vote Information
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Popular Vote Car Show Info 2019

Although Concours judging at the GTOAA Meet is for 1964-1974 GTOs and 1964-1972 A-bodies only, the Popular Vote Car Show has classes for all Pontiacs. GTOs compete only against GTOs. Other Pontiacs compete with each other based on model, year, or body style entered.


Classes are based on actual registrations received. Once we know how many of each year, model, and body style we have, we can assign classes based on reliable information. This will allow us to form reasonably sized, competitive groupings of cars. We may have 18 classes, or 22 classes or whatever amount best fits the entries this year.

Modified cars will be classed separately from stock vehicles. Years, models, and body styles may be combined or separated depending on the number of similar entries. There will be GTO-only classes based on years, stock cars will be separate from modified cars, and other Pontiacs may be classed by model or year groupings, depending on actual entries. It is very important to pre-register so we can group cars properly.

Our goal is a reasonably even distribution of cars per class so that we don’t have 3 cars in one group and 27 cars in another, or some classes with no entries at all.

See the Popular Vote Classification Chart to determine if you should enter as Stock or Modified. Please make sure you enter the proper category for your vehicle. If your car has to be placed in a different class upon arrival because the information you provided is incorrect, there may not be sufficient parking space in the proper class.

This would also apply if you bring a different car from the one originally registered. Every effort will be made to accommodate such situations, but if you show up with flames on a car entered as Stock, there may not be a space for you in the Modified category. Likewise, if you register a ’64 GTO convertible but arrive with a ’68 Firebird hardtop, there may not be space for you in the class where you need to park.

VIN Info For GTOs and Judges

You must supply your VIN when registering a GTO or Judge. PHS will verify that the car is a real GTO or a real Judge. Unverified GTOs will be classed as Modified A-body and unverified Judges will be classed as Modified GTO. It is not necessary to supply a VIN when entering Popular Vote with Pontiac models other than GTOs or Judges.

Entry Deadline

Entry deadlines will be enforced to ensure a proper parking layout that can accommodate cars in their respective Popular Vote classes. All cars will have an assigned parking spot for the duration of the event.

Popular Vote registrations must be received by the cutoff date, June 1, 2019. Popular Vote registrations received after the deadline will be entered in Street Legends (see below), a non-voting class. If you want to be in the class where your vehicle belongs, you must get your entry in before the deadline.

Street Legends

A display-only, non-voting class for all Pontiacs. It is open to stock, modified, original, project, unfinished, or even beater cars. This class will not be separated by model, body style, level of modification, or year. No judging, no voting, just bring it.

Popular Vote Show Questions:

Tom Szymczyk 856-524-2588 – Email

Bob Alexander 970-214-4234 – Email