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About the GTOAA

The mission of the GTO Association of America is to preserve and promote the Pontiac GTO and offer enthusiasts opportunities to share their common interest.

We accomplish our mission in the following ways:

  • Promote and publicize the GTO Association of America in printed and social media.
  • In conjunction with one or more of our local chapters, host annual conventions and regional meets at locations throughout the country.
  • Join thousands of fellow Pontiac GTO enthusiasts through one of our chapters and participate in shows, cruises, tours, rallies and other activities while promoting GTO enthusiasm at the local level.
  • Publish our award-winning monthly magazine, The Legend. Each issue is loaded with technical information, car features, a classified section and tips and hints for GTO owners and enthusiasts.
  • Provide a club Store where members can purchase GTO and GTOAA merchandise.
  • Provide a technical advisory staff to help members maintain and enjoy their vehicles.
  • Offer special deals and savings through our Vendor Discount Program.

Click here for our informational flyer – Print it out to share with others!

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